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Why do you, a client, care about our employees?

Updated: Apr 4

You may have seen us talking about our employee policies, and how they benefit those who work for us. But if you're looking to hire a studio to build your 3D app, that doesn't matter to you, right? You want the studio that can put out the app the fastest, and for the right price.

This is a case, however, where what's good for the employees is good for the work, and here are 5 reasons why.

1. Stable Employment Means You Know Who You're Working With

In the common model of game development studios, the studio will operate on a skeleton crew, and hire new staff and freelancers just to work on your project after you sign on. There's an economic perspective where this is sensible, but the truth is that neither you nor the studio can know who you're actually hiring when you sign on the dotted line.

With the Vector Visionary Studio approach to employee stability, we already have a lot of the people here who will do the actual work on your project. The people who provide and approve your estimate, build your prototype, and receive your feedback, are the exact people doing the actual work in your final project. That means you'll have fewer surprises, misunderstandings, and delays.

2. Stable Employment Means we are Ready to Work

When studios have to staff up specifically for your project, it means that the first weeks of the contract aren't working or even planning. It takes time to conduct recruitment operations, onboard employees, and get them up to speed on the project.

When you sign with Vector Visionary Studio, we've already been looking at the proposal and thinking of the best way to make it a reality before you've even signed the contract. You can start seeing your app weeks sooner, which is especially useful for quick-turnaround projects.

3. We Know (and made) Our Tools

When not on a client job, our team spends its time building and maintaining our tool set (both internal and third-party plugins), which comes with us into any project where they're relevant. Because we work with the same employees over the long term, we all have familiarity with our tools. We know when a given tool is the right fit for the job and how to integrate it into the application. This means we're not wasting our time (and your billable hours) learning to use a tool we've never used before.

4. We Know Our Teammates

We've been working together long enough to fall in synch with each other. This means that our estimates are more accurate. It means that we know immediately who we need to ask to get your answers quickly. And it means that when we work together on your project, we can move quickly and predict each other's next moves and needs.

In fact, since it's nice to work in a stable workplace, most of our hiring occurs via word of mouth rather than recruiters - which means even our new hires are people that we've worked with before, and also means we aren't spending a chunk of your client fees paying for headhunters working on a rush job.

5. Our Employees are Focused on You, not their Next Contract

Freelancers need to keep their eyes open to their next opportunity, as they need to keep themselves in work. This not only takes away from their time, but their focus, as well. Creative energy is not infinite, and take it from a former freelancer: constantly being on the lookout for new work is draining, and kept me from making my best work for a long time.

Bonus Reason: It's Just Kind of Nice

If you're anything like me, it's just kind of an easy decision to hire a studio that's making a point not to drain its creators dry. Maybe our capabilities and work ethics align with your goals and maybe they don't, but if there's a chance, please consider dropping us a line or setting up an appointment today to talk about what we can do for you!

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