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The Vector Visionary Approach to Your App

Updated: Apr 25

Welcome to the new Vector Visionary Studio! We're no longer just writing code; we're delivering the full development experience.

With a new focus on full-service Unity development, we're here to bring your projects to life. Just tell us what you need your app to be and together, we'll bring your vision to life. From something as simple as an architectural walkthrough or product viewer, all the way up to fully interactive projects, games, and AR/VR experiences, Vector Visionary Studio can take the lead on making your dream a reality.

The Process

Step Zero: Proposal

We'll meet with you and work out the requirements of the app. We'll confirm the list of deliverables to you, whether it be in the form of source code, an app bundle, a website, or a fully managed and deployed app on the app stores of your choosing, including iOS, Google Play, or WebGL. We'll work out a ballpark estimate of the project's budget and timetable, and start reaching out to any partners to confirm feasibility.

Step One: Prototype

We will work with you on the design of your app, prototyping with placeholder elements until the app flow is what you envision. We'll determine which, if any, of Vector Visionary's existing assets fit your needs. By the end of the prototype phase, the project's budget will be finalized and agreed on, based on the billable hours to be worked by our team realizing your vision.

Step Two: Develop

Once the app's design is locked down, we'll get to work on the full app, bringing our decades of development experience to bear on your project. In order to ensure a consistent design and quality, reliable code, the app is built from the ground up with the app's design decisions known from the start. We will meet with you on a regular basis to update you on progress and get feedback.

Step Three: Refinement

With the app complete, we will continue to optimize and bugfix. We will coordinate with you on a testing plan for the app to ensure that your users will have a good experience.

Step Four: Delivery and Deployment

Depending on your needs, we will either deliver the Unity project and all relevant source files to you, or deploy it to the chosen platforms. We will shepherd the app through all of the relevant app store approvals and processes.

Step Five: Maintenance

In this often-overlooked phase of development, we will monitor the app for continued functionality. As OS platforms and integrated services change over time, it is common for functionality to become lost, and abandoned apps can damage your brand's quality and lose you customers. For a specified fee (payable as an ongoing payment, or a prepaid lump sum covering a period of time), we will perform routine functionality audits of your app, confirming that all expected functionality is still working. Additionally, we will process any bug reports from users and fix priority issues as they occur. For apps we've deployed to the public, we will push these fixes out to the stores and notify you of our status.

Make Your App Real

Contact us today to start developing your dream!

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