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Join Vector Visionary Studio

We are always happy to accept resumes of anyone with game development skills, so that we can quickly build the team when our workload requires it. We will announce positions we are hiring for as they are needed, but the best way to be at the front of the line is to drop us a line first.

We expect to need individuals with any skills related to game development eventually, but among our early hires, we expect to need:

  • Product Lead

  • Operations Lead

  • Graphics Developer

  • Junior Developer

  • Game Artists

Why submit a resume for jobs that don't exist yet?

When we have client work that requires more hands, we'll be looking to hire folks in a hurry. We'd prefer to give first choice of new positions to those whose values align with our industry-changing philosophy over those looking for an immediate gig, and we figure if you're willing to send a resume for a career that might exist in the future, you might just be a good fit.

Also, as you can see below, we aren't going to be asking you to fill out three pages in triplicate containing all the same information your resume already has. So it'll be quick!

Vector Visionary's Philosophy

Stability: We don't lay off staff the instant a project finishes. To this end, we complement lower base salaries with a reliable bonus structure when we have client work.

Transparency: We believe in salary and bonus transparency, so you can know you'll be paid fairly.

Advancement: Hopping jobs in order to advance your salary to the pay you deserve is avoidable. To that end, our annual salary adjustments will be based on market rates and each employee's current experience level.

Organization: We believe in the power of labor unions, and employees are encouraged to organize collectively, especially in industry-wide unions.

Come Work With Us

Thank you! We will notify you when we are ready to hire!

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