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Interactive Portfolios

for 3D Artists

Are you a 3D modeler, animator, or material artist? Showcasing your work to potential clients with a video or screenshot is limiting.

Manta Middleware can make your portfolio pop by creating and hosting an interactive display for your 3D assets.

Our Services


Basic Model Display

  • Showcase up to 10 models on a carousel interface with rotation suppor

  • Define your own lighting with PBR materials

  • Each model may have one looping animation

  • Your portfolio has its own landing page on our domain, as well as an embeddable HTML frame for any site of your choosing

$99 setup

+ $100/year


A Bit of Animation

All the features of the basic display plus:

  • Any number of animations, per model, may be triggered via UI buttons

  • Allow a character to run in an environment, showcasing standard walk/run/jump animations

$299 setup

+ $150/year


Fully Custom Display

A custom-programmed showcase allowing you to feature any kind of animation, interaction, lighting, or camera movements that will best show off your art.

(variable setup price)

+ $300/year

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